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18 November 2017
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The museum´s collection comprises of two distinct groups: the first group consists of epigraphed lithic materials without any precise archaeological context, whereas items from the second group are from known archaeological sites which have been studied in accordance with the current archaeological methodology of inventory. The museum possesses all the information concerning these archaeological excavations, which has enabled us to gain precious knowledge of the first settlers of the region.
Some of these sites can be visited thus providing an integrated touristic-cultural dimension to your visit. This connection between the objects of the collection and the sites where they were found is an important one. Many of these objects have undergone a process of restoration of which some aspects can be seen on this website and in the museum’s permanent exhibition. If you wish to obtain more detailed information about the collections on exhibition, there is a guide-book, Inventory and the MatrizNet which will provide information through text, image, video and sound of all the collections and exhibitions of the Institute of Museums and Conservation.

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