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23 November 2017
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  • Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition

Most of the collections became the property of the museum after 1980 and are part of scientifically developed archaeological research projects.

The permanent exhibition starts in the corridor at the entrance with a brief explanation of the museum’s history followed by four big exhibition nucleos.

Room 1 houses the collection from the Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age.

Room 2 shows how Bracara Augusta was integrated into the Roman Empire and how commerce and contact with the technological innovations influenced the local economy.

In room 3 you can see aspects of an on-going project concerned with the urban development of Bracara Augusta and the organization of its public and domestic spaces.

In room 4 vestiges of the roads of Bracara Augusta, the nearby necropolises and some items related to religion in the Roman and the paleo-christian periods can be seen.

The exit corridor from the permanent exhibition is a brief evocation to the city through time.

The basement of the services area contains an “in situ” of a roman house with a mosaic.
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