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18 November 2017
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Bracara Augusta and the Roman Empire

The first contact between the Bracari and the Romans was in 138-136 BC, in the context of military expeditions.
Since then and up until the foundation of the city of Bracara Augusta (16-15 BC), this region lived peacefully which contributed to its development. The large increase in commerce brought about by its integration into the Roman Empire opened new opportunities for business and expansion.
We invite you to observe the locally produced ceramics and to notice how well they imitate the imported ones.
The abundance and quality of this region’s clay made the development of pottery making possible from then up until now.
  • Terra sigillata cupThe integration of the North-West of the Iberian Peninsula into the Roman World and the long distance commerce.

  • As - roman coin from AugustusThe circulation of money in this region began in the period of Augustus (31 – 14 BC) with the appearance of caetra coins, which till the middle of the 1st century, were progressively replaced by municipal issues from the Ebro valley.

  • Local potteryThe geo-strategic position of Bracara Augusta as an important market town has since early times favoured the settlement of crafstmen and the development of workshops specialized in pottery, metallurgy, glass and textiles.

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