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18 November 2017
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Bracara Augusta - Urban space

The archaeological work completed in Braga since the 70’s have greatly contributed to a better knowledge of the Roman city of Bracara Augusta.
Some of the vestiges of the Roman occupation have been integrated into the present day urban Braga and can be visited.
  • Bracara AugustaBracara Augusta was a planned city in the centre of the territory of the Bracari, who controlled the region between the rivers Neiva and Ave. It was founded in 16-15 BC and it was the only city created by the Emperor Augustus in the present day national geographical area north of the river Douro.

  • Public Bath of Alto da CividadeThe centre of the city of Bracara Augusta was located in the present day hill of Alto da Cividade. The forum was situated on the highest point and was the centre of political, religious and cultural life. Close to it there must have been a basilica.

  • The roman domus of CarvalheirasCasa das Carvalheiras, a roman domus, is the most striking example of private architecture in Bracara Augusta.

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